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Brazilian Sausage Pizza

Brazilian Sausage – Specially made with a generous filling of our top quality Brazilian sausage, fresh mozzarella cheese and oregano. The “calabresa” sausage adds a unique, slightly spicy flavor to the pizza. In addition to its irresistible aroma as also the hand-picked ingredients, it has a seasoned sauce prepared with fresh tomatoes and no conservatives, which is tasty and very balanced. The delicious soft crust and crispy edge complement our version of the Brazilian Sausage pizza. Onions are a common “companion” when it comes to a good “Calabresa” pizza.

Surprise yourself with the taste of our Brazilian sausage pizza, it’s always a good choice!

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Serves 1-2 People.


Serves 3-4 People.


Serves 4-8 People.


Serves 5-10 People.