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Bacon Pizza

Bacon Pizza – Specially prepared with top-quality smoked bacon slices. Generous mozzarella cheese topping with fresh tomatoes and oregano. Smoked bacon makes any pizza delicious, but in our recipe, the typical arrangement of ingredients is even tastier. In addition, it has a seasoned sauce prepared with fresh tomatoes and no conservatives, which is tasty and very balanced.

The soft dough and crispy edge not only add up to the taste, but also put it on the “most wanted” list. The Bacon Pizza is one of our costumer’s favorites. We love to care about the perfect combination of ingredients in order to create delightful moments and tasty food, while also keeping the special taste & the spirit of our regional cuisine. Surprise yourself with the flavor of our Bacon Pizza, it’s always a good choice!

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Serve de 1 à 2 pessoas.


Serve de 3 à 4 pessoas.


Serve de 4 à 8 pessoas.


serve de 5 à 10 pessoas.